Friday, January 21, 2011

The best for the best : Haircare

Here we have the one of the best brands for hair 

Alterna professional haircare creates groundbreaking formulas that set the industry standard for the finest luxury haircare products in the world. They continue to shape the future by staying one step ahead of technology, by capturing the essence of indulgence, and most of all by taking imaginative leaps delivering what was never thought possible.

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Alterna Gifts & Packs

Some of your best loved Alterna haircare products presented in delightful and money saving gifts and packs, they make for a luxurious treat or the perfect present.

Alterna Shampoo

Step 1 in caring for your hair, this collection of Alterna shampoos offer you a luxurious way to care for your hair whatever its needs, you’ll notice improved health and vitality.

Alterna Conditioner

Increase manageability, add luxurious moisture, repair daily damage and prevent terrible tangles with this range of Alterna Conditioners all with advanced haircare technology.

Alterna Styling

Style with style, define with panache, tame with elegance, mould and sculpt with grace and create the amazing look you want with this selection of Alterna styling products.

Alterna Hemp

Infused with certified organic botanicals Alterna’s Hemp formulations work to strengthen hair and supplement it with the nutrients needed to prevent damage before it happens, naturally.

Alterna Caviar

Caviar Anti-Aging is a comprehensive line of products that addresses hair and skin that has been damaged by life’s daily stresses, environmental factors, chemical services and premature ageing.

Alterna Life

Life Solutions blends the strengths of eastern extracts with innovative technologies to effectively nourish hair that has specialised needs, so it can function at its best.

Alterna Luxury

Formulated with White Truffle extract, one of the planet’s richest sources of B vitamins, also known as ‘the beautifiers’, Luxury enhances the strength of hair and protects against further breakage.

Alterna Ten

Performance refined. Alterna brings you the science of TEN, the perfect fusion of ten key elements from around the globe to transform any hair from ordinary to extraordinary.