Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kim Kardashian's make up in 10 steps

On the Kim 's blog you can see step by step of her make up ,you know Jayce Boneli ? She is a talented celebrities make up artist , you can find her on facebook or in her blog .

I never judge about people's character but inside myself as a eastern girl I love Kim Kardashian style most of the time , She wears best make up and have stunning hair and lashes , She is look like eastern women (ofcource she is from an Amrenian blood)so after I've watched her I never want to dye my hair , I want to keep them natural and brown, She is the one of that person I follow her stylish , so I think this post can be interest for you too. I am sure you can't find all the products that she used in Iran but it is important we try to improve our beauty culture that we miss it in Iran (unfortunately) .

I try to point out all the important parts and to find all the products link and pictures,so I hope you enjoy it .
I try to write this blog in Persian too in the near future .

Step one : KIM'S SKIN

  • It is very important to keep up your skincare regimen to keep it is glamour & to help you have clean smooth look .
  • First she applies PerfectSkin La Mer lifting serum ,and PerfectSkin eye cream .( so we can see how much the basic creams can be important)

  • To condition lips she used Clarks Botanicals

    Step two:PRIMER

    • She used Foundation Primer by Laura Mercier .( In Iran you can find Foundation Primer from M.A.C for oily skin and Clinique for dry skin (both of them are great .)
    • On warm summer days try cooling your Foundation Primer in the refrigerator for refreshing the skin and reduce puffiness ( I 've try it , it is so great)

    Step three: FOUNDATION

    • She likes to keep Kim’s overall skin to appear matte so She uses Sheer Matte by NARS.
    • Blend into the skin with a foundation brush for a flawless touch. ( if you want the best result of your make up ,you should have best brushes , the best one has soft hair ,most of the time they are natural ,so they are expensive too ,but they are very important tools in professional make up )

    Step four :UNDER EYES

    • she uses Secret Camouflage by Laura Mercier. (this product is the perfect trick for completely camouflaging dark circles, minor imperfections, and discoloration .)

    Step five: SET

  • Finally she sets Kim’s entire face with Make Up For Ever’s HD Microfinish Powder. *this is super fab powder that is completely translucent and goes on any skin tone.

  • It sets the foundation without changing your faces natural contours but helps give a glowing, radiant look. REMEMBER don’t use too much of this, just a little touch is all you need .

    Step six: BROWS

  • Next She covered the lid with A Tartan Tale Eye Shadow in Golden Crown by M.A.C

  • she lined the top and bottom of the inner lid line with Black Eyeliner by Sumita. **this liner NEVER comes off, perfect for the long days or nights of looking gorgeous! you can purchase at Ziba Beauty.

  • Lastly, she used Lancome Definicils Mascara in Black. ( I used alot of type of Lancome mascara,but I should try it this one also;))

  • Step eight: KIM'S CHEEKS

  • On the hollow of her cheeks she applied Bronzing Powder in Casino by NARS.

  • To give give that pinkish glow, she used the The Multiple Stick in Maui by NARS with a touch of Blush in Orgasm by NARS to give a sheer natural hint of color.

  • Step nine: KIM'S LUMINOUS GLOW

    • She applied Lust Dust by benefit right above the hollows of her cheeks & bridge of her nose.

      Step ten: KIM'S LIPS

  • she gave Kim the warm nudy pinkish lip by applying Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Demure.

  • she finished her lips with FUSION BEAUTY’s Lip Fusion in FATuation in La Lip Jolie to give the glossy coat.

  • PS:as you can see the NARS brand is as good as MAC but in Iran there is about 1 year that every one talks about MAC but noone knows enough about it and just want to show off so dont trust every salons in Tehran or another place that talk about MAC and say we use it ,I went to GOLBANOO salon in ZAFAR and they describe that the price of bride make up is different and it is because of the different type of MAC product ,I think it is redicules and everyone should be aware and dont lose their money on this way .

    • She tweezed them using Tweezerman tweezers.( tweezers is very important to pick up the eyebrow but in Iran you hardly find good one, I try alot of them and just ETERNET one was good ,it is German brand and you cant find it easily :( )

    • Then filled them in with Benefit’s Brow Zing. *Use an angled brush and apply soft strokes of the pigmented wax to shape and define the brow, then take your small blending brush to apply and set the brow zing’s powder to fill in sparse areas and lock the brows into place.

  • ( I think eyebrows are the most important part of the face ,so we should notice about them and dont lose them by picking them up too much ,I never use eyebrow lines ,they make your eyebrow slim,so in place of it and for showing more natural you can use eyebrow shadows !)

  • Step seven: KIM'S EYES

  • She first applied Caviar Dreams: Eye Shadow X4 in Brule by M.A.C. to the crease of Kim’s eyelids and under the lash line.